Today was the sixth day inThailand, and I was getting used to most of the things here. When I first arrived, I found myself surrounded by unfamiliar things: the food, the weather, and the living style all reminded me that I was an outsider who had come to live in a place that was far away from home. Faced with all these differences, I tried to be open-minded and blend into this world, but still, in the back of my mind, I longed for going home where I could confidently be myself.


        That thought occupied my mind for the first three days, until I went to teach some children and got familiar with them. When I was teaching the children, I got a chance to talk to them. At first, both I and the children were held back by our differences, not just by the language difference, but also by the difference of our growing background. While we spent most of the time focusing on our lesson, we only managed to talk a few sentences with each other.

        But as several days went by, children began to talk with me more often and teach me some games that they used to play. Today, they also taught me someThai.As I played and talked with them, I learned more about this place and felt less like an outsider. And it occurred to me that all the boundaries that used to bother me when I first arrived were going away slowly.

         Slowly but surely, I had taken in the culture here from those children. They were supposed to be students and I teacher; however, I learned more from them than they could from me.


         This was just a start. There would be more waiting for me in the next few days.


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