A Brand New Experience of My Life

  As a student living in an well-developed area, I had never seen the real third-world. Consequently, for widening my horizon and experience, I participated the summer Northern-Thailand volunteer project of Mingdao High School. I really got some fairly nice and new experiences in Northern-Thailand.

  This project let me underwent the feeling of being a teacher which is quite a challenging job. I always had to think of new ways to make the whole class concentrated on only my lecture, and sometimes the methods did not even work. But fortunately, the students I had respected me very much, so I believe now I can sympathize with my teachers and will not focus on other stuff while the lecture is still going on. 

  There is another thing I learned that makes me cherish everything I posess more than I did before going to Northern-Thailand. Everything I saw there was very cheap, in comparison with that in Taiwan. Moreover, the salary of the teacher in Northern-Thailand, according to what I heard, was merely 3000 Thai baht, which can't even support a Taiwanese student's monthly cost on education. These were shocking but horizon-broadening.


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